EDINGTON, PEEL & ASSOCIATES, INC. is a broad-based government relations consulting firm which assists clients in the ethical representation of their legitimate interests at all levels of government. The company places special emphasis on the authorizing and appropriations processes of the United States Congress.

In its quarter century history, the firm has served more than 100 clients. They include Fortune 500 companies and other major domestic and foreign corporations in the aerospace, communications, defense, electronics, insurance, banking, energy, education, health care and transportation industries. Clients also include various industry, professional and international health and development organizations, as well as hospitals, universities and local governments.

Edington, Peel & Associates, Inc. provides its clients with results-oriented counsel in fashioning and implementing effective government relations strategies. Part of this service is the timely and thorough analysis of public policy issues and related political considerations. Equally important is direct support, including regular, substantive contact with policy-making members of the executive and legislative branches of the federal government.

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